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Chemi-Pure Elite is the perfect media solution for cichlids and other freshwater or saltwater fish. Your fish will live a healthier life and up to 4 times longer. Chemi-Pure Elite works great in either marine or freshwater aquariums to remove heavy metals, copper, phenol, ammonia, and other nitrogenous waste. Helps keep pH at a consistently safe range and your water sparkling clear.

Fantastic for use with African Cichlids and Discus. Chemi-Pure Elite adds ferric oxide to the original Chemi-Pure formula to also remove phosphates and silicates, making it the only complete choice for filtering any kind of aquarium.

Each pack of 11.74 oz Chemi-Pure Elite will treat up to 40 gallons. The Chemi-Pure Elite bag remains active for 4-6 months.

Key Benefits:

  • Removes dissolved organics and other harmful compounds
  • Helps stabilize pH in any aquarium
  • Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than average carbon

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
I Lin
Great Products, fast shipping.

My second order from NorthFinUSA. I continue to be impressed by the high quality of products and the expedited shipping. Thanks!

John Avanzino
Fast delivery

Products came in a timely manner as ordered and ordering chemipure in bulk is much cheaper.
Another happy customer.

Robert D.
It's what water needs

I had watched a few videos on this product and figured I would give it try in my new canister. Does it work...Yes it does, my water was crystal within two days. I also receive a nano pack at the Aquatic Experience and put in my little hob in my betta tank and work well in there. This paired with the proper filtration media makes a big difference in the clarity of your water.

Cherrilyn T.
perfect for cystal clear water

perfect for cystal clear water

Great product

i have been using it for 3 weeks now and my water quality has been most clear and organic..I highly recommend..they also ship orders very fast and timely.