Casuarina Cones

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You will receive either 10 or 30 casuarina cones. Each ounce (oz) of casuarina cones is usually about 20 to 30 cones. These cones are very similar to Alder Cones and Indian Almond Leaves and act in a similar way. The cones are beneficial to shrimp, bettas, Apistogrammas and Corydoras species for their healing properties and ability to lower the Ph. 

Key Features:

  • Larger cones for better hiding places for baby shrimp or fish
  • Provides a natural food source for inhabitants
  • Releases tannin into the water which contains healing properties 
  • Lowers the Ph slighly
  • Anti-fungal properties to help fight off infection
  • Creates additional hiding places for small shrimp or fry

Customer Reviews

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A Nice Alternative Decoration

I received two bags of casuarina cones and have been added a couple a day to the shrimp tank. I see the shrimp seem to like them as always see at last 1 shrimp looking for food all the time. I'm not sure how long these last but when needed I will get more of these.